Our Mission 

To transform the lives of children and families through experiences that inspire curiosity, connection, creativity, and discovery.


As an educator, I look forward to the opportunities for all children to come and play.

-Lindsey S.

2020 Education Committee Member


The impact that this organization will have on the future of our community is incredible and I'm so thrilled to see it come to life.

-Audreana D.

2020 Education Committee Member

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you opening?

We are eager to get Quincy Children's Museum present in our community.

Starting in June, 'The Experience' will provide brief and temporary exhibits at local events, schools, festivals, and youth focused organizations. This concept is the first public look at our long term plans to establish a name and face for our organization.


As we present these introductory exhibits, it is our hope that we will leave the community wanting more: more hands-on, more learning, more play, more laughter, more engagement, more fun. These events require quality materials and volunteers in order to be successful. in

Do you have a location?

While we would LOVE to give that answer right now, we cannot. Without funding and community support, it is not possible. Our board has a dedicated location committee currently working through the details and opportunities provided through three different categories..


Restore the Old
Restoring a historic building


Recycle the New

Recycling an existing, vacant building


Reimaging the Nonexistent

Reimaging a space that does not yet exist, build from scratch

How can I help?

-Like, Follow, & Share Quincy Children's Museum on Social Media

-Donate to our Building Blocks Capital Campaign

-Become a Founder through our Founding 50

-Tell your Friends

-Share your Talents & Connect with us on the Get Involved Tab 

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Special thanks to our community partners who have supported us through donations, grants, & in-kind services! 

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