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Our Mission 

To transform the lives of children and families through experiences that inspire curiosity, connection, creativity, and discovery.

As we wrapped up our 2022 event season, we rolled out a new look, literally...

Circle White Text.png
Circle Blue.png
Circle White (1).png

Geometric shapes come together to form the letters for Quincy & QCM in our new branding.


You'll notice, we held on to our yellow, green, and blue colors with this change. We love that children can build the letters with simple shapes including circles, triangles, rectangles, and semicircles. 

You may have caught an early glimpse of the logo on our trailer at a school or community event last Fall, made possible with the support of the Quincy Service League, and have recently seen our truck, mobilizing our mission all over the region. 

Quincy Outlined.png

Our renovation process started in Spring 2022.

Founding 50 Members & Friends were invited to a reception on February 8th to reveal our new location at Third & Vermont in Quincy, IL. 

The site, along with a significant contribution to begin renovations efforts was a gift from Jerry & Gingie Holzgrafe, and family. 

A formal capital campaign is still in development, however, you can support this project NOW by visiting the here.

To request more information, visit our contact us page.  

Drive by to take a look at our progress, or view a few snapshots below.


As an educator, I look forward to the opportunities for all children to come and play.

-Lindsey S.
2020 Education Committee Member


The impact that this organization will have on the future of our community is incredible and I'm so thrilled to see it come to life.

-Audreana D.
2020 Education Committee Member

Untitled design (16).png
Untitled design (17).png

Special thanks to our community partners who have supported us through donations, grants, & in-kind services since 2020.

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