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Our community events are wrapping up for the season, but we are still making school visits. To request a visit to your school, send us an email at 

Thank you to Quincy Public Library for an incredible run of our very first Satellite Exhibit! 

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T H A N K  Y O U!

What's New..

Experience Expectations
Adult supervision is required at all times. 


Respect museum exhibits and facilities, and the experience of other visitors- please refrain from climbing, sitting, or standing on exhibit materials. Refrain from running, screaming, or engaging in generally disruptive behavior. Materials are tools for learning and should not be used as weapons.


Discovery experts are here to answer questions and guide play. Please leave each space ready for the next visitor to enjoy.


By entering the museum, you agree, on behalf of yourself and any minor children accompanying you, to voluntarily assume all risks included in our waiver of liability available by scanning the code below, or for review at the desk.

Sock Skating

  • The surface is slippery, caution is needed

  • Socks are required

  • Please tuck shoes into a cubby while you skate

Daycare, Educator, and Group Reservations:
Programming/Lesson Plans available via Google Drive. To make a reservation for your group to visit the exhibit, please contact our Director, Amy Peters, at 217-617-2827

Waiver of Liability
By participating in satellite experiences with the museum, you agree, on behalf of yourself and any minor children accompanying you, to voluntarily assume all risk, including the risk of personal injury (including death) or illness, the risk of exposure to communicable diseases including COVID-19, or the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged property, arising from or related to your entry into the museum and participation in any activities on museum property. In addition, you agree that the museum will not be responsible for any such injury or illnesses, property damage, or other loss, and the museum is released and discharged from such liability to the fullest extent of the law.

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Special thanks to our sponsors for making this experience possible!

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